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A Partner in Your Success

Schedule time to discuss your college, medical school or PA school goals.

Comprehensive packages for high school students and those seeking BA/BS-MD programs.

Prehealth advising for MD, DO, or PA education.

Over 21 years of experience working in higher education.

Former admissions officer at a highly competitive BA/BS-MD program.


Placed students in a variety of majors at their best fit schools including highly selective colleges and universities across the country.


My premedical students have been accepted to the top 15 medical schools in the U.S.


Over 15 years of experience as a college and medical school advisor.

Former Division I college scholarship gymnast.

Offer virtual college and medical school advising for U.S. and international students.

Caryn Marcus

Featured Services


Schedule time to discuss your college, medical school or PA school goals and plans.

College Planning

Comprehensive packages for high school students and those seeking BA/BS-MD programs.

Prehealth Advising

Prehealth advising while in college or applying to MD, DO, or PA school.

Let’s Connect

I see myself as an educator and a coach, and I care deeply about my students and their families. I strive to know my students well and believe that my work with them does not stop at an acceptance. I have built my entire practice on goals dedicated to bringing out the best in my students and helping them find their unique attributes and personal narratives.

As a member of the IECA I follow a strict set of ethical guidelines that govern my actions in my relationships with my students, families, schools and colleges, and my colleagues. Click on link below for more information.


Caryn made me feel so confident and supported throughout the challenging medical school application process. I could reach out at any time to make sure I was on track every step of the way. The ability to have someone who took the time to really get to know me and care about me as not just an applicant but a person was so important to me. I still call Caryn to just chat and catch up on life and I think that's a huge reflection on the type of person she is and the quality of relationships she has with her students. Not only did I receive help with picking my school list and navigating the confusing medical school application timeline, I also received help revising essays and even with mock interviews to make me feel totally prepared for every step of the process. I cannot recommend working with Caryn enough, I have  already recommended her to countless friends. I am at my dream medical school now and am so grateful to have been able to work with Caryn to help me get here! - PB

The college admissions process is a daunting one. There are myriad great universities and so many nuances and details to be aware of when embarking upon the application journey that comes and goes so quickly. We decided to hire Caryn to guide us through the process and she did an absolutely stellar job! Caryn really got to know our son and his interests and, through extensive interviews and dialogue, produced a curated list of the best options for him. Caryn was very easy to work with but also was firm in her opinions and confident in her advice. She’s that expert you need in the room. She was very efficient and came up with a comprehensive plan quickly. She put together a very detailed schedule for our son to follow in order to apply early to a list of institutions that we all agreed were the best options for him. He was accepted into the majority of them. She was also very well versed in the financial aspects that needed to be considered when choosing a school. We highly recommend her and thank her for her invaluable consultation. - HB

Colleges & Medical Schools

As a college and medical school consultant based in Chicago, I have partnered with students who have been accepted to a variety of colleges and medical schools across the country.

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