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College Planning

Junior and Senior
High School Students

We offer packages for junior and senior students. The ideal time to contact me is summer before the student’s junior year. On occassion I will offer some services on an hourly basis.

We offer packages for freshman and sophomore students. I can begin working with students as early as their freshman year. If you are applying to a BA/BS-MD program the ideal time to begin is during the sophomore year for this highly specialized advising.


Typical activities for freshman and sophomores include:

  • Summer planning

  • Activity planning

  • Career and aptitude assessment

  • Identifying a college major

Freshman and Sophomore
High School Students
Career and Aptitude Assessment 
  • YouScience Assessment Tool - Assess strengths, discover aptitudes, and provide career insight. College is a time for discovery. We do not expect students to know exactly what they want to study or pursue as career, but we do want them to have a direction. 

  • Provide resources to grow knowledge of the student’s career and college major interests. 

Professional Development
  • Will provide a resume template and help student create a polished and professional resume. 

Resume Development
College Major Identification Support
  • Some students will have general areas of interest. We will help students discover majors that align with their interests and career assessment results.

Standardized Testing Advice 
  • We will help a student understand the difference between the ACT and SAT along with tutor recommendations, assistance with a self-study plan, and general advice.

  • We will assess the strengths and possible weaknesses of the academic record and extracurriculars. Out of this assessment, we will recommend activities and programs aligned with the student’s interest.

Assessment of Academic and Non-Academic Record
College List Development
  • College fit is one of the most important pieces of  the college admission process. We use a fun and interactive college fit card game to begin the college fit discussion. Caryn will then present the family with a first-round college list of about 15 schools. The list will continue to develop until it is time to apply. Caryn will provide application strategy around early, regular, and restrictive early action admission plans.

Essay and Application Support
  • We will support students through well-crafted and unique essays that highlight a student's individual traits and characteristics. In addition, we work with students on every aspect of the application ensuring students are showcasing their activities and accomplishments. 

  • Summer is a great time to take advantage of special programs and opportunities to help a student get experience in their area/s of interest. We will help identify programs and assist a student with their summer program application essays. 

Summer Program Identification and Application Support
  • The majority of merit money a student receives comes from the colleges. We identify colleges that are generous with their merit money. Additionally, Caryn’s financial aid expert will guide families through questions related to the FAFSA and CSS Profile.

Scholarship Identification and Financial Aid
  • After all decisions are in, we will sift through the student's options to help them feel secure with their final college selection.

Final College Selection
Access to College Planner Pro
  • Students receive a subscription to College Planner Pro, a software program that houses all of the college research tools, and keeps the student organized and on track to meet all of their deadlines. 



You and your team have been so important in ways far beyond the application process. We truly believe that our daughter has grown so much from this process. All of you have helped brighten the light inside of her. She is stronger because of the love and support you served her with.

Caryn was an immense help throughout my application process. She helped me learn how to reflect on myself and create an amazing portfolio of life experiences to share with colleges. Caryn introduced me to several colleges that interested me, and helped me figure out what kind of school I would like through suggesting different schools to tour. When I received my acceptances, Caryn connected me with current students who were eager to share their experiences with me.

I found Caryn via a web search and I am glad that she was able to set up a mock interview for my child for one of the guaranteed medical programs in Chicago. Caryn was very helpful and coached my child by setting up a mock interview and helping with feedback and support. Caryn is a gem and wonderful at what she does! I have no qualms in recommending Caryn for college and premed advising.

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