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A Partner in Your Success

30-Minute Consultation

My practice consists of working with students from a myriad of backgrounds and skill sets. I have placed high school students in a vast array of majors including psychology, business, engineering, linguistics, sociology, computer science, economics, neuroscience, advertising, and more.  The common denominator they have all shared is finding a school that meets their individual needs and objectives. My MD, DO, and PA students come to me with vast experiences and backgrounds and I enjoy helping them discover more about the profession they are entering and how to be a competitive applicant.



You and your team have been so important in ways far beyond the application process. We truly believe that our daughter has grown so much from this process. All of you have helped brighten the light inside of her. She is stronger because of the love and support you served her with.

Caryn was an immense help throughout my application process. She helped me learn how to reflect on myself and create an amazing portfolio of life experiences to share with colleges. Caryn introduced me to several colleges that interested me, and helped me figure out what kind of school I would like through suggesting different schools to tour. When I received my acceptances, Caryn connected me with current students who were eager to share their experiences with me.

I found Caryn via a web search and I am glad that she was able to set up a mock interview for my child for one of the guaranteed medical programs in Chicago. Caryn was very helpful and coached my child by setting up a mock interview and helping with feedback and support. Caryn is a gem and wonderful at what she does! I have no qualms in recommending Caryn for college and premed advising.

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