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Prehealth Advising

Medical School Placement

For students who are ready to apply, we offer a package of services or hourly services. 

Physician Assistant Placement

For students who are ready to apply, we offer a package of services or hourly services.

Pre-Application Services

For students who are in college or recent graduates who are two or more years from applying, we offer prehealth advising for medical or physician assistant school. We help students build the most competitive application before they apply.

Candidate Assessment

If you are unsure if you are ready to apply, Caryn offers a comprehensive candidate assessment with a roadmap of next steps. Please schedule a consultation for pricing.

School List Development
  • We carefully select schools that take into account a student’s metrics, geographic preferences, special curricular tracks and ensure the school’s mission and vision statement match the student’s personal narrative for a life in medicine.

  • We provide a resume/CV template and help students create a polished and professional resume/CV. 

Resume Development
  • As part of the medical school application process we will assess the student’s extracurriculars to ensure the student has all of the experiences/competencies necessary to be a competitive applicant.

Extracurricular Recommendations
Gap Year Planning
  • We will assist with gap year planning during their application year.

Test Tutor Referrals, Planning and Accommodations
  • We provide tutor referrals, review study plans and recommend the best time to take the MCAT.  Additionally, we have an accommodation expert on our team who assists students with accommodation requests and appeals. 

  • A key piece of the application is the “why medicine” question. We work with students to articulate their reason for a life in medicine.

Motivation for a Career in Healthcare and Developing Your Personal Narrative
Application Timing, Strategy, and Letters of Intent and Continued Interest
  • Each student will receive expert advice on timing of application submission and completion of all secondary applications. We will assist with the timing of letters of intent and continued interest.

  • We will work with a student to develop content for a compelling personal statement. 

Personal Statement
Experiences Section
  • The experiences section is one of the most important pieces of the medical school application process. We will begin the experience section before completion of the personal statement. 

  • We guide students through the letter of recommendation request process.

Letter of Recommendation Advice
  • Students will begin writing the secondary application essays early (typically in June).

Secondary Application and Essays
  • Separate mock interviews will be conducted for both the traditional interview and the multiple mini interview. Mock interviews are conducted with Caryn and another prehealth advisor in tandem. Caryn also provides students with resources for the situational judgment assessments that some school will require.

Interview and Situational Judgment  Assessment Preparation
  • We assist students with choosing a medical school and students have access to a financial aid expert.

School Selection and Paying for Professional School

Medical Schools


Caryn made me feel so confident and supported throughout the challenging medical school application process. I could reach out at any time to make sure I was on track every step of the way. The ability to have someone who took the time to really get to know me and care about me as not just an applicant but a person was so important to me. I still call Caryn to just chat and catch up on life and I think that's a huge reflection on the type of person she is and the quality of relationships she has with her students. Not only did I receive help with picking my school list and navigating the confusing medical school application timeline, I also received help revising essays and even with mock interviews to make me feel totally prepared for every step of the process. I cannot recommend working with Caryn enough, I have already recommended her to countless friends. I am at my dream medical school now and am so grateful to have been able to work with Caryn to help me get here!

Working with Caryn throughout the medical school application process was the best decision I could have made. From the very first time I met her, I could tell she was truly dedicated to my goals and wanted to ensure I ended up at a school that would be the best fit for me. Not only is Caryn the sweetest person, but she is brilliant and will make the application process extremely clear and smooth. From knowing the best MCAT resources to use and how to prepare a personal statement, to understanding the type of environment one learns best in, Caryn will craft an individualized plan tailored to one’s aspirations. I cannot recommend Caryn enough - she will meet you at any point in the application process and ensure you are maximizing your potential. I am now a first-year medical student at my dream medical school in Chicago, and I owe it to Caryn.

I can confidently say that Caryn is the reason that I got into medical school. Caryn was an incredible resource for everything during the medical school process. I was able to go to her with anything from questions about deadlines to how to write my personal statement and how to ace my interviews. She went above and beyond to learn everything about my application and experiences to best help me describe them in my application, creating the most competitive application I could have submitted. Caryn helped me immensely when it came to determining how to write my personal statement and secondary applications. Caryn and her team also gave me instrumental advice to ace all of the different types of interviews and allowed me to complete plenty of practice with them beforehand. I attribute my acceptance to Caryn and her team. As good of an advisor as she is, she is a better person. She is so kind, always willing to chat and learn more about you as a person, and always goes above and beyond for you. She was always so excited to hear about how the process was going and any updates I had. She genuinely cared a lot about getting me accepted. I am so thankful to have worked with Caryn because without her I wouldn't be able to realize my dream of being a doctor!

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